I Am In Control

2020 was our year! At least that's what most of us thought right? It's safe to say that every month just kept out doing the previous month. As we watch the world around us spiral out of control, I'm sure most of us lost focus of things we planned for our very own personal growth. We became so placed on what was going to happen next, consumed in being overworked and letting our jobs as essential workers take advantage of us. If you are an essential worker and have a school age child or children we were drowning at one point. I know I sure was! We were all  stretched beyond the impossible yet we made it happen.


What if 2020 was still our year? Our year to survive, think different, create new avenues and most importantly move in faith. We became to comfortable. Wouldn't you agree? This pandemic kind of made a lot of us go harder for what we wanted for ourselves. It was the push most of us needed to get creative, become more strategic about our next moves. We learned to work with what we had. We are now giving things that are most important our energy. We are still in control. Our focus has just been shifted to things that matter. We now thrive on things that are going to continue to fuel us to get to our next season. We are now more woke than ever to care for ourselves and families. We are still in control. So continue to take charge and stay focus on now what matters most in your life. Stay safe, wear your mask, and practice good hand hygiene. 


You are in control.