About Us

Renowned Scrubs is a new medical apparel clothing line that launched in 2018 by it's founder, Davida Hairston. It became an idea back in 2015. Currently in the medical field, Davida works as a License Practical Nurse in pediatric primary and urgent care. It has been her dream to bring fashion into the healthcare setting one uniform at a time. We look forward to setting trends and adding our style to your new uniforms and apparel that are sure to leave a statement.

Working in healthcare for over 10 years, I found my comfort in pediatrics. From floating through Med-surg, family practice, various specialties and nursing home, pediatrics was a different vibe that I instantly connected with.

I knew I wanted to venture out into business but wanted it to be relative to my career in healthcare. I figured since I am in scrubs eighty percent of my time why not design your own uniforms. I honestly thought this would be impossible and put the thought aside. After contemplating and wondering, I decided to take a leap of faith and just do it. I didn't know how I was going to start I just started by asking questions and gaining information. With support of family and friends I was able to tackle this journey one trial at a time.   

There has been more trials than triumphs. There has been more doubt than faith. If I could give a word of advice it would be " Find like minded people to keep in your corner. It's okay to be uncomfortable. Also be a student in life. It will help you grow and achieve goals you set for yourself. If you can believe it than guess what you can achieve it. Never never let up! Stay consistent ". Trust God! When you find yourself doing exactly what we often find ourselves doing which is questioning Him, continue to trust and believe. Stay positive in hard times and find the good in it. Lastly, be willing to work hard and know your purpose.

Be Renowned, Davida Hairston, Owner