Letter to the New Nurse


As you prepare for your first job after nursing school. It is very important to always remember what is most important. The safety of your patient, yourself and providing the highest quality of care to your patients. There will come issues that will cloud these 3 very important things throughout your career. Your integrity and personal characteristics as a individual along with your skills you continue to learn after nursing school will carry you and shape you into the nurse you've worked so hard to become or the nurse you've worked so little to become.


You never want to work just enough to get by in anything in life that will add value to your life.. right? So why not give your all in your career that you've worked so hard to earn and also to be such a impact to someone else's life?


When you find a great preceptor grab tight to them and never let them go. Never feel like you have learned everything because you are constantly learning throughout your career.


In your toughest situation still smile. Never let a situation defeat you. Always remind yourself the next time I will know exactly how to handle it.


If you can avoid it in the beginning do not over work yourself . Allow for rest to be ready to start fresh , retain information and be ready to handle things on your own. Companies can sometimes apply pressure to new employees when a need for staffing is available. Don't allow them to suck you in. Allow room for growth and when off your training period pick up the overtime. Remember if something was to happened no one will care that you were still on training and didn't get the proper training for a particular case.


Never ever rush your time with a patient. Always give each patient your undivided attention so that they have a clear educational experience with you. As you move throughout your career you will find that you are always crunched for time. Find ways to master organization and daily planning.


Take pride in yourself and your credentials. Protect what you have worked so hard for. 3-4 years, depending on the track you chose to take, is a lot of time to have let go to waste.


Always given compassion in everything you do


Your patient will always remember how you treated them


Always be the student with a force to be reckon with


Be Renowned......







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