We often spring clean our homes with the seasons change and our personal lives as often we see fit. Why not do the same for your business and business relationships?

Are you in touch with your purpose? Do you know what to do with it? Do you believe in your ideas and your actions that you can impact in a positive way?


Nothing is unattainable if you have the work ethic, passion, the ability to connect and guidance to execute your dreams.


Speaking things exactly as you see them and believing it will build you up and motivate you to be your best in any project you decide to build.


Will everyone like it or want to be apart of it....no. Should that bother you... not really, but it will to a very small affect. You will probably want to know the whys. As to is there something I can change about myself, my product to connect more. Say that works for a small percentage.


Many may want to support but never get back around to supporting. Have they lost interest.... could have but to them your dreams and ideas may not be as important and nor relative as they are to you.


People look and connect off of things and others through emotion. Also relative experiences with the brand or others that highly support the brand you are promoting.

This requires hard work and you have to be consistent by all means. Being relative only means to connect with your audience, show versatility in your product and be consistent. Know your market.

Being a small business and or start up means money can be stretched beyond your goals. Product may not produce fast as you want it to. Look into re-branding current product which is where a marketing team would be useful.

Things that you have to get done are done out of purpose. Things that you want to get done are done with passion. Regardless of the path both results were not given up so easily.

A lot of times things are not meant to be done alone. It's okay to consult like-minded people to get you in the direction you need to go. YouTube material related to your brand. Seek a mentor. Take a poll from your social media followers.

Work on marketing skills from the back end or hire a marketing and strategy team permanently or temporary. Attend workshops. Which is also a great way to network as well. You never know who you will meet.

Anything you can dream and execute a plan for is destined for greatness. Find your market and be consistent.

Yes it will require a lot of your time and a lot of your patience. Make short term and long term goals. Always remember to celebrate the small accomplishments. It will take you far and allow you to appreciate the process.

It is important to protect your energy. Be positive and always find a solution because most importantly there is always a solution.

Be patient and be kind to yourself and business. Work consistently, learn, and eliminate any boundaries that keeps you from growing yourself along with your business.

Speak positive affirmations and work towards growing and being better everyday.