Surviving Company Reorganization and Layoffs

Companies often reorganize and plan for new budget cuts that lead to the restructuring of a company if and when members often in the healthcare setting decide to leave due to changes in insurance.


Depending on the depth of the loss, companies will budget in all areas which may 

include a great layoff in their employees.This can become a very stressful process for the company but more so the working class affected.


Once the news is received, it is than up to you to decide what your next steps in this process will be for your career.

Having a sufficient amount in savings will help with layoff packages that may be provided from your company until you can find a new job.


When going through the process if you feel you have a great chance to be one that will be laid off, you should start looking early to minimize time off between jobs.

This may also be a time to reevaluate career change and or go back to school.

There can be a positive outcome or just the push you need to grow within your career to get to the next level.


It can become very stressful when you have not truly saved for such a dramatic change in your life. Seek all your resources from employer and government so that you don't fall completely on hard times while in transitioning.

The waiting process while still on the job can become very dreadful and seem to be moving in slow motion.


When working with a great group of people it can help stay positive through it all and talk through change as well. It just may be someone in the midst that can help in a major way.



When applicable seek answers and up to date information. Take notes and be prepared for the next steps as they come.


It's hard to stay focus in this time because subconscious thoughts will seem to take over. The best things to do in this time is to stay focus and get ahead. Prepare for the unknown and seek options.


It's will all work out for your good. Stay prayerful and put in the work. Transitioning is never easy when its unexpected but it allows room for growth.


It is also okay to seek counseling to talk out your concerns and emotions when things get overwhelming. It's also a great time to seek help from family and close friends as well.


Large companies will offer severance packages based on years of service. Most packages may include your weekly or biweekly salary along with healthcare insurance benefits up until the end of your agreement.


Always remember you are in control of your destiny and as long as you stay one step ahead and have a plan over your life and career no one can never doubt you and where you are destined to go.



Renowned Scrubs Team,